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Transport currently accounts for around a quarter of manmade greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. As individuals, making a small change in the way we travel can have a big impact on the bigger picture of these emission totals. Travelling sustainably is about reducing the environmental impact of our travel choices but there is also a wider range of benefits associated with sustainable travel.

Transport can be as much as 15% of household spending: most cars cost over £50 a week to run, which is almost as much as expenditure on food or housing. Therefore, replacing car journeys, particularly short ones, with a journey on foot or by bike can save a significant amount of money over the course of a year. Furthermore, regular walking or cycling makes you fitter. You do not have to walk or cycle for long to feel the benefits: a brisk 1-mile (20-minute) walk burns around 100 calories! is a website and organisation that promotes sustainable travel and has news and events in relation to this.


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Travel survey

The travel survey will help us to understand your current travel choices and what we can do to encourage you to use more sustainable transport methods. Please could we have a few moments of your time to complete this online survey. It should take you no more than 10 minutes.

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Finding your way around Angmering

Welcome to Cresswell Park in Angmering, a charming and characterful village in West Sussex. The old village centre hosts a 12th century church along with many amenities, including independent boutiques, convenience stores, hair salons and several traditional pubs offering great food and hospitality. The village is easily accessible on foot or by bike or on the local bus services.

The beach is just 1.5 miles south of Creswell Park. Away from the coast, there is the South Downs national park and a local beauty spot, Highdown Hill, which is just a couple of miles north of Creswell Park.

All these places are easily accessible by public transport and by car so whatever leisure pursuit you are interested in, you are ideally placed to get there from Cresswell Park!

A note from your travel coordinator

This site is has been put in place to help you to identify and access more sustainable means of transport, whether for you to commute to work or just to explore your local area. We have pulled together all the local transport services to help you decide the best way to get around. We have also included some local walks and a link to the local cycling club.

We have included a travel survey that we would like you to complete when you are able. This will help us to understand your travel requirements and what we can do to help you make more sustainable choices. This survey will be repeated on the first, third and fifth anniversaries of you moving in to your new home, so that travel patterns can be monitored.

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If you need any more information or would like help with you travel planning, please contact us.

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